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Razer DeathAdder Mouse Gaming

It was light, easy to hold, and personally it was the best. However, in about six months, it became a state that “even if you press and hold the right mouse button physically, the signal becomes disrupted”.

By the way, the company's basilisk is also a similar symptom of its use for about three months. With two Logitech mice in the same environment, it will not be interrupted even if you do the same thing, so I think it is certain that it is a failure of the mouse. The frequency of use is, about playing FPS for about 2 hours every day, not special or hammered.

This mouse is more on the expensive side, but wow did it come in quick. One day shipping, impressive.

I loved the design of the first Deathadder, and it still reigns supreme. I have huge hands (easily can palm a professional basketball) and I’ve struggled with “esports mice,” notably the Glorious Model O Wireless. Button placement is great and it’s perfect for right-handed users.

The buttons Razer Mouse and clicks feel a bit hollower compared to the Deathadder 2013. There’s just a slight more space needed to register a click. This is not a big issue and I’ve adapted fine. Response times are really quick with the new technology.

The mouse is really well-built. The rubberized sides feel good. It’s pretty much the Viper Ultimate specs with a different shell. It’s lighter than the Deathadder 2013 by 20 or so grams, so overall a great mouse.

Here’s where everybody dumps their complaints. I know, the software requiring a login is dumb and invasive. It’s part of a higher-level product offering ploy. The fact that upon first plugging in the mouse, the computer pops up with an install for synapse and slows the computer down. I get it.

My advice: setup an account, make your changes to RGB (which mine is off anyway), DPI, polling rate, etc., program multiple profiles using the onboard memory (in this case I have two DPI’s), then request to delete all of your user data through synapse. Delete account, uninstall synapse, then continue to live your life.

You’ll be ok. If your worries about a gaming peripherals company “stealing and selling your data,” you’d be surprised of how much of your information you actually give on a daily basis just walking around in public with your Bluetooth on. Logitech has the same issue, so it’s rather hard to avoid.

Great ergo wireless mouse, bad software with easy workaround. Great for people who don’t like the ambidextrous esports gaming mouse shape.

Highly recommended.

Operating System Supports

Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit

About Razer DeathAdder V2

  • Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor: Auto-calibrates across mouse mat and reduces cursor drift from lift-off and landing for industry-leading precision. Razer Optical Switches – 70M Click Durability
  • 3x Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches: New Razer optical mouse switches uses light beam-based actuation, registering button presses at the speed of light
  • Immersive, Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting: Supports 16.8 million colors w/ included preset profiles; syncs with gameplay and Razer Chroma-enabled peripherals and Philips Hue products
  • 8 Programmable Buttons: Allows for button remapping and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse 3
  • Drag-Free Cord for Wireless-Like Performance: Razer Speedflex cables eliminate the need for mouse bungees, drastically reducing weight and drag for absolute control
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